Mark Twain Is Prepared To Sail Once Again

Literally, it is hard as teak. Different from all-carbon fiber, the yacht Mark Twain, which is a multimillion-dollar super maxi and skippered by legend Michael Spies participating in Sydney to Hobart yacht race have been built of wood along with a hull of fiberglass.

The yacht was built in the year 1971 and in Sydney itself. It was the first boat to take part in 25 Sydney to Hobart. There was an achievement that she performed in the year 2002. Bryan Northcote, its navigator said, “It was the Ichi Ban of 1971,” After that, this yacht did not take part in any race. Spies is the one who has finished 41 Sydney to Hobart and this is one who has claimed an overall win as well as the line honors, bought Mark Twain in Victoria last year and from that time busy in restoring this venerable racer. He said “It takes longer than ever for everything. Obviously, everything is not like the job of five minutes. You keep on searching the ongoing legacies. Anyone who claims their boat is 100 percent prepared ahead of the race is bullshitting”,

Programs For Kids At Mystic Seaport

Summer is a good time for kids to pick up sailing skills. However, many sailing clubs promote more than sailing and have unique summer programs designed for beginners. Sailing is a sport that some kids take to readily while others are more hesitant. There is a mix of science, fun, skills and safety requirements that can help in developing children’s different abilities and have fun in the outdoors.

Mystic Seaport in CT is a club that has several summer camp activities lined up. These offer unique opportunities to learn which include a Float Box Derby, a weeklong affair where kids of 8 to 14 will participate, creating their own boats and testing them out at the Fool’s Regatta. The main aim of this activity is to get kids involved in problem solving. As per the supervisor of the sailing programs, every day there is a different obstacle that the kids need to work around which includes building activities, teamwork as well as structure. By getting involved in these activities kids will know about sailing, boating as well as kayaking and also on how boats work.