The Toughest night of the whole Seattle Pacific Challenge

Today, UNICEF is the all new race leader having confronted some tough conditions in the evening following a brand new small low pressure system shaped further south than forecast and left the squads with winds as well as a diabolical sea state. The unpredictable, unforecast conditions experienced the wind increased rapidly to forty knots, and alter direction, making a north south divide in the pack. that it was the toughest evening of the whole circumnavigation till now, as his squad was forced to head in the other direction to Seattle so that they could find favorable westerlies in the system’s southern sector.

Now, Garmin is in the 2nd spot, 2.4 nautical miles behind, ClipperTelemed+ up in 3rd 9.47 nM behind; and the bulk of the rest of the pack is bunched tightly together. Ash Skett further added that disaster yesterday as the new little low pressure system shaped in further south than forecast and then it left is with headwinds as well as a diabolical sea state.

It made last evening the toughest of this race as of now, forcing them to deal with huge wind shifts as well as great variations in strength. Also, it led to him making the very difficult decision to head in the other direction to Seattle. Finally, it paid off and they have found themselves in the following winds and going the right way again.