Sinking yacht off the Gower coast

All weather lifeboat Mumbles was joined by Horton and Port Eynon lifeboat last evening after a yacht got struck a submerged object in the Oxwich Bay and it started to sink. This smitten vessel was stranded in the bay, said the HM Coastguard.

A spokesperson told that the one person on board handled to get ashore safely. The lifeboats, along a rescue helicopter as well as an Oxwich coastguard rescue squad, were tasked at around 10.40 pm as Storm Katie assembled strength in English Channel.

The boat was blustered onto the beach at Oxwich by winds of up to forty mile per hour. Roy Barker IV, the Mumbles lifeboat, escorted Horton and Port Eynon inshore lifeboat to their boathouse before coming back to Mumbles.

James Bolter, the Deputy second coxswain told that this was one of the worst night’s weather of the year till now. They are really very happy the crew of the yacht is all safe. Thankfully they called for help immediately, if the yacht had grounded anywhere other than the beach there could have been tragic consequences.

Meanwhile, Springline Yacht Sales, based in Connecticut, is spreading out to Lake Champlain as well as Quebec with the addition of yacht broker Julie Garneau. She and others at the sailboat dealership would bring Island Packet, Blue Jacket and Elan yachts to the region.

In a statement, Springline Yacht Sales owner and president Rick Dieterich told that they are thrilled to be expanding and bringing their brands and Julie’s expertise to our Canadian clients. They look forward to seeing Julie out on Lake Champlain with happy clients at the helm of an Elan, Blue Jacket or Island Packet.