Candidate Want Transparency In Sailing

Kim Andersen the vice president of engineering and Construction Company said World Sailing is going through a lot of changes and people want that there should be more transparency in eh system.

Andersen wants to improve availability of sailing sport worldwide and said that transparency in the system will bring exposure in the sailing sport event.

Andersen addressing a press conference said “World Sailing is a responsible body and thus it is important for it to function in a smooth and streamlined way. Of course the financial issues too need to be addressed with open and clear manner.” Talking about the issue of Gazprom deal, he further said that everybody in sailing world is confused over what happen with Gazprom deal. We know there is nothing wrong, but if there would be transparency in the system, and then we would have not asked this question. The committee working is presently being unable to manage things they have to answer to the world of sailing.

Andersen said “Paul, who is investigating on World sailing, has lots of issues and he is pointing out the things specifically. It is not good for the working committee to get dragged in issue. However, transparency in the system would have avoided this situation to come and thus it is important to keep the things clear. How we took the sport in the last four years was very poor and world sailing is lacking leadership. Not only me but anyone related to sailing sport can feel it. The reason for this is lots of change in organizational structure and management team. The responsibility of board members is to understand the things and work on the right direction. They have to take good and right decisions so that the organization keeps running in smooth and transparent. No one should feel parted from crucial information”.